Beginning Swiftly

So Friday turned out to be quite an exciting day!  PHP 7 released, Lets Encrypt went public beta, but the one I want to focus on, Swift officially became open source. I wasn’t too surprised because even at the first release there were rumours and already published its vision (which was obvious reading between the lines).

Nevertheless, this is exciting news and I decided that going all in on this means getting your hands on the latest version, which means if you’re on a OSX installing the latest Xcode beta. I was not about to do that and since Swift is available on linux I decided to build a Swift vagrant file. This means that you can easily launch virtual machines that you can start coding Swift 2.2 right away.

If you’d like a copy grab it over here, vagrant-swiftbox, and then head over to – Getting Started.

So for the next while as I dive into Swift outside of its normal Xcode habitat I will be documenting my learning here for myself to remember, but also for you to explore.

Happy learning!

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